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In the same way that customer experiences need to be treated as critical moments of brand experience, product experiences also need to be considered an opportunity to prove a brand's authenticity and enhance brand-to-consumer relationships. 

What today's product teams are designing isn't just a commodity-it's an experience. With product experiences so deeply entwined in customer experience and the total experience of brand, approaching product development from the earliest phases of ideation with this mindset creates opportunity to design products built to deliver on consumers' expectations and enhance customer relationships.


Products can no longer compete based on features and functionality alone. We help bridge the gap between design science and the complexity of human experience to create brilliant product experiences. 




We are experienced in guiding products from ideation, to merchandising, to branding, to customer experience. We are skilled at exploring the complexity of consumers needs, values, and pain points in depth to harvest opportunity for innovation. Today, innovation of a product is innovation of an experience. And that experience is continuous and fluid, traveling across many touchpoints and ever-changing. We gather consumers insights that go beyond understanding of their behaviors to explore the full spectrum of many, interacting factors that drive both use and experience. 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Purpose-driven purchasinG... 

will begin to more heavily influence product design. The social, ethical and environmental sentiment of a brand will assume a larger share of selection than it has had in the past. Cost and functionality will no longer be the reliable predictors of product success. Product innovation requires innovation of the approach to product development, from the very first concept forward. 


We have a talent and an instinct for connecting respondents deeply to a topic of exploration to reveal their most unbiased and uncensored insights, then analyzing the collective complexity of multiple viewpoints to create brilliantly accurate strategy fuel! 

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The Experience of Shopping...


will strongly influence consumers' shopping behaviors. Whether online or in-store, consumers will increasingly be driven by the expectation of an enjoyable shopping experience. Standing out on a shelf or eCommerce has never been more important. In our work, we understand user experience from the most micro to the most macro level. We explore and analyze the full scope of opportunities and perspectives to drive the development of transformational product and retail experiences. 


Category research 

Concept testing 

Taste testing and food research 



Focus group testing 

Personal interviews 

In-home placements 

Mobile behavior studies

Pricing research 

Packaging and merchandising research

Journal analysis 

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