Live events are becoming a powerful tool for building connections with consumers in an era where brands must form deep and emotional relationships to stand out. Consumers want to experience brands in ways that stimulate their senses, their emotions, their intellect, their sense of culture, and their sense of self. Live events provide the platform to communicate the totality of a brand in a powerful way.  

We believe that when a live experience is designed with the right formula, it can generate real "brand energy" from the collective experience of that formula's emotional and sensory elements. It's the euphoria of live music, the excitement of a casino, the nostalgia of a family diner, the romance of a beach-side resort, or the adventure of shopping. We believe that when you get it right, that brand energy can turn brand experiences into brand memories to create powerful brand magic. 


Our LiveX research and consulting tools were designed for live music experiences but adapted models have been used  to explore a variety of other experience formats, including conferences, casinos, hotels and destination brands, bars and nightclubs, retail experiences, and restaurants-any experience that bring consumers face-to-face with your brand. We use a range of methods, including immersive, experiential research that captures insights in the context of live human energy.





"63% of fans say they are more likely to connect with brands while in the highly emotional environment of live music" 

"90% of fans say there's at least one thing brands can do to enhance their live music experience." 


When worlds collide.

The power of LiveX brings brands to life using the combined powers of Atomic's research capabilities and decades of world-class entertainment industry experience. Our astounding network of trusted and talented industry professionals experienced in every aspect of live event production as well as our personal connection to venues, festivals, and artists all over the map give us a unique perspective and a rare set of capabilities. 

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