Our live research experiences give both area consumers and business leaders an opportunity to engage in the focus group experience to explore compelling topics and check out our focus group suite and observation lounge. Each event is open to 10 respondents and 10 members of the business community. We provide food, beverages, and immersive research experience to those who attend. 

Live Research Experiences


Atomic conducts a significant amount of self-funded research to explore the changing business and consumer landscape through insights. This gives us the ability to stay ahead of trends and helps guide our consulting work with a higher level of understanding and knowledge. We host events to share our insights with business leaders and generate topics for future research.

Workshops and Education

Image by Fachy Marín

Atomic Underground events showcase local art, music, entertainment, and fashion to support our neighborhood Arts District, engage with area residents through shared experiences, and make deeper connections with our community. Contact us for event suggestions or opportunities. 

The Atomic Underground