The Atomic Formula.

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How We Think.



Our unique combination

of talents drives our philosophy of work and gives us research superpowers









To help companies succeed in a new era of business and human experience by gathering the right kind of insights: those that go beyond a dashboard of behavioral data to capture the authentic human experience, and beyond a limited perspective to capture the full range of brand experience. To tap into the emotional experiences, language, and values that will drive the development of relevant strategies and communication tools for lasting brand connections

Analyzing complexity

Doing it right

Understanding consumers

Finding patterns and connections in data

Going beyond behavior to capture the scientific essence of emotions, motivations, and experience

Inventing new solutions

Creating transformation

Synthesizing information from multiple sources and contexts to understand a meaningful whole

Telling the story of data

Simplifying complexity with data visualization

Expecting the unexpected

Using data to create music and music to create brands

Exploring the deepest levels of human perception

Creating strategic communication from consumer language and emotion

Translating perspective into vision.

Mad love for research




Ten Ways We're Different.

We think differently.

Our approach can be best described as dialectical thinking, a philosophy of thought that seeks to bridge gaps between seemingly separate or contradictory forces or concepts. Our unique thinking and talents give us the ability to assess the full range of interrelated forces impacting a business from an aerial view and then "zoom in" at a microscopic level to evaluate areas of opportunity. This gives us the power to help create strategies, brands, products, experiences, and even music in a totally different and powerful way.

​We didn't consciously adopt this form of thought; truthfully, it's just a product of the brain we were built from and because we're comfortable following an unbeaten path. We approach every moment as a possible opportunity to evolve past our current understanding of the world.

​Whatever label best fits our macro/micro, art/science, new/old, people-centric, passion-fueled approach to business thinking-we do know it's one of our real-life superpowers. It's what always keeps us a few steps ahead and what people love about our work. Our approach also aligns with the new consumer mindset and provides a greater level of flexibility to evolve with them into the future. These consumers will continue to break down the walls that were once built to help understand and persuade them. They will approach the experience of living with greater fluidity and a set of new, ever-evolving needs. Our dialectical thinking is what makes us so gifted at bringing understanding to the abstract and predicting the forces that impact consumer perception and behavior several steps ahead.

We combine art and science.

Art and science are often thought of as opposing disciplines. But in our work, we've found that our ability to approach complexity with powerful levels of both scientific precision and creative talent is what allows us to guide our clients to the next level.

We believe that art and science are both essential ingredients for innovation. Our science gives our creativity a license to take risks and consider options outside the safe and familiar set of choices. When creativity is backed by scientific methods, there are no limits to where you can travel to explore new concepts and develop new ideas! The ability to test new and unexplored concepts is what transforms our ideas into innovation. We are constantly exploring new ideas and developing a more in-depth understanding of the world around us. We conduct a large amount of self-funded research to gain new perspective and to approach our consulting with a higher level of insight.

We also have a creative approach to how we deliver our results. We use data visualization and creative storytelling to help our clients more easily connect to and use the findings we deliver.

We combine data science and people science.

What makes our work unique is our experience as business psychologists and human subjects experts, both in regard to consumers and employees. In the new era we're entering, strategy cannot be developed around data science alone, nor can it be developed by instinct, aesthetic, limited perspectives, or savvy marketing messages. An in-depth understanding of the internal human experience is vital to the success of the entire brand experience. Our in-depth understanding of the cognitive, emotional, social, behavioral, cultural, and social factors that contribute to consumer behavior allow us to approach strategy with greater level of depth and provide consumer-centric direction to every level of a company. We investigate both the ways that the world is changing people and the ways that people are changing the world.

​Today's leaders live in a world of dashboard data and AI systems. While these tools can be very helpful to gain an understanding of what consumers are doing, when they are doing it, where they are doing it, and how often they are doing it, there are essential elements missing: the understanding of why they are doing it...or why they aren't doing it.

​Brand is a concept that lives in the hearts and minds of people. Our research is designed to go beyond AI to explore the critical components of that experience: What creates brand loyalty? What language is effective in communicating a brand message? What music creates an emotional brand connection? How is a physical space creating a sense of brand personality? How can a service interaction contribute to the totality of brand experience? What problems can a product solve? What makes a brand seem authentic? Human? Purposeful? Unique?

We are human experts with the power to turn perspective into vision, direction into innovation, and information into inspiration.

We strengthen brands through the language of music.

We believe that music is and will increasingly become a powerful tool for creating brand loyalty. Music has the ability to build strong emotional connections, to create brand memories, and to drive brand loyalty. It's a way to tell your brand story in a way that consumers want to listen to. It can be used to broadcast a meaningful and consistent brand message across various audiences and channels. But it's critical that the musical elements of your brand experience are telling the right story and evoking the right emotional responses. We combine research expertise with high-level music industry experience to put strategy behind song and to help create musical content that brings brands to life. ​

We explore the entire experience of brand.

As we exit the information age and enter the age of experience, we have adapted our tools and approach to align with this new mindset. We go beyond satisfaction and transaction to explore engagement and experience. We use an integrated approach that spans every touchpoint, internal and external. We understand the complexity of a radically new type of consumer, as well as the simplicity of their fundamental motivation: to live one life to the best and fullest. To live a life with purpose. To express their identities with creativity and their values with conviction. To engage with other humans in meaningful ways. To have their senses, emotions, and intellects stimulated. To be active players in their futures rather than passive observers. To learn and take risks. To have an impact on the world around them. And to rewrite the rules.

We create powerful live brand experiences.

We've designed an entire set of research and consulting services to help evaluate and design live brand experiences. In the new consumer age, live experiences will have a great potential to form lasting brand relationships. Whether it’s a branded live music event, a casino, a hotel, or a dining experience, we can help you deliver the perfect in-person brand experience to stimulate senses, evoke eomtions, and build deep connections.

Our in-depth understanding of the live entertainment industry, casinos, and hospitality is a powerful guide to our work.

We "mind" our business.

Mindfulness and meditation are important tools for our work. It improves our focus, inspires our creativity, and reduces stress. As workplaces become more distracted with meetings and technology, and as the need for innovation-fueling creativity grows, we believe that mindfulness will become an increasingly important workplace tool. The human mind is the #1 tool responsible for a company's success, but all too often workplaces do not offer programs that support this aspect of workplace wellness. Watch for our upcoming event series, Mind Your Business, to learn more about the tremendous value of mindfulness at the workplace.

We're an experiential learning organization.

We blur the lines of learning and working every day. Through mentorship and applied work, our employees are immersed in education throughout their employment experience. We believe that work is most meaningful when our goal is constant learning and evolution. We reward ambition to learn over impressive resumes. We are a group of people who treat every second of every day as a possible learning opportunity. We have chosen our career path largely because of the opportunity it presents us to constantly learn.

We've developed our own methods of experiential sampling.

We understand how the new consumer mindset is disrupting traditional business practices. And that disruption has been evident in our own industry. We've learned that today's consumers need to be immersed in the experience of research rather than just sent an email or text inviting them to participate in our studies. Consumers who are engaged create richer and more accurate results. But even more importantly, its essential to gather representative and valid consumer samples. To engage today's consumer respondents means delivering an "experience of research." We've developed innovative sampling approaches that combine the classic, human-to-human interaction of intercept research, which pre-dated telephone sampling, with the modern technology and communication tools today's consumers use. We now have an entire department dedicated to respondent experience. We host events at our office and out in the communities we serve to give respondents the chance to engage with us. As we have shifted our model, we have found that the benefits of our approach are truly remarkable.

In most small- to mid-size markets, landline and cellphone telephone sampling is still considered the standard practice for consumer research. Recognizing the scientific flaws in this approach, we set out to find the way to reach representative consumer samples in these communities. We are so proud of the new and improved level of opportunity for consumer sampling and recruiting we’ve introduced to in markets that have not had viable options for consumer sampling and recruiting in decades.

We'd rather risk failing by doing it right than guarantee success by doing it wrong.

What we do is so much more than a career. We are a group of people truly doing what we love. And that makes us do it very, very well. It drives the quality of our work at every level. It compels us to create best practices when the standard practices of our industry are no longer the best. It pushes us to always learn more and to deliver more to our clients. Our love for what we do is channeled into everything we do. We have consistently had to sacrifice opportunities for financial growth to maintain our integrity and commitment to our values and our industry. We could have grown much more quickly by doing things the "old" way. But we chose to play the long game, get it right, and invest in the collective future of business. We're very proud to say we took that risk. Beyond all else, we are authentic. We love research because we are the seekers of truth, and that is what we deliver in both our work and our promise.





Stacy Stanton

*inspired by Olivia Stanton, age 12


Where we're at.


Our fabulous office is located in the Arts District of Green Bay, Wisconsin, but our experiences take us everywhere!  


Who We Are.



From whiz kid to industry innovator, Stacy now brings market research into the era of human experience. Atomic Research is her brainchild, lovechild, the product of many years of grueling mind-work, and the realization of her vision for the future of the research industry. Stacy's academic background is in Psychology with a focus on I/O Psychology. She's had long-standing love affairs with both music and research. She possesses a unique combination of talents rarely found in one brain. She has the ability to effortlessly "feel" patterns in data, and that gift allows her to intuitively explore complex data and strategize several steps ahead. Atomic's innovation is fueled by this high-level analytical ability, her driven creativity, an overall unique way of thinking, a fierce curiosity for the human experience, and a remarkable ability to guide respondents through the process of articulating their perceptions and experiences with total honesty and at a level they had never before explored  with words. She is an enthusiastic leader who believes in the value of true, two-way mentorship and experiential life-long learning. She built Atomic to be a place that's all about people: inside and out. 

Stacy is also a mom, mentor, coach, 80's fashion enthusiast, traveler, mid-century modern collector, and amateur comedian. Her work is guided by mindfulness, meditation, music, and lots of coffee. 

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If you've ever met Andie and Stacy, you've probably heard the story about how they were born in the same hospital in Bakersfield, CA (probably several times). Today, Andie and Stacy work together to deliver top-notch research services all over the map. 


Andie is a Los Angeles music journalist turned research lover. She has interviewed many of the world's most iconic music artists and now uses her skills and understanding of the entertainment world to help drive Atomic's LiveX consulting. Andie also gained experience supporting luxury brands while working for Lexus. 

Andie is also an activist, adventurer, social media personality, and an off-color comedian. 



You may know Jim as the award-winning tour manager of some of the world's greatest musical artists, including the Black Keys, Lil Dicky, Major Lazer, Imagine Dragons, Lucinda Williams, the Replacements, Chase Rice, and a long list of others. Jim's 30+ years of entertainment industry experience has brought him to nearly every major venue and festival in the US and beyond, as well as hundreds of theaters, casinos, botanical gardens, and other event spaces. His career has taken him from promoting punk bands in the early 80's to managing large-scale tours. His experiences traveling the world have well acquainted him with hundreds of luxury and boutique hoteliers, travel agents, transportation specialists, and people at every level of the entertainment industry. He brings Atomic an extensive network of professionals that give Atomic the power to create end-to-end live music events and custom music content for live and digital experiences. In addition to Jim's touring experience, he has also worked with music producers and emerging artists to create custom musical content for advertising. Jim's entertainment experience makes him not only a man of many remarkable stories, but he contributes an extraordinary level of insight to Atomic's LiveX and SoundX services. 



Desiree began her market research career in 2012 as a field manager and Stacy's assistant. Over the years, she has learned many new skills and has taken on a range of new responsibilities. Today, Desiree wears many hats. She handles the details to help keep the team organized and is responsible for Atomic's facility rental and field services. Her long-standing work relationship with Stacy creates synergy in Atomic's workflow. Desiree holds a bachelor's degree in psychology. She has three daughters that consume most of her free time! 



Angela and Stacy began their collaboration nearly ten years ago and immediately bonded over a shared passion for data and problem solving. Stacy and Angela worked closely in the earlier days of their careers and collaborated on the development of several innovative reporting systems. She went on to work for Orion Energy Systems and CUNA Mutual before returning to her research roots and joining Atomic as a Senior Analyst. Stacy and Angela work very closely on research design, data analysis, and reporting. They approach work with the same curiosity and passion for problem solving, contributing to Atomic's unique style and philosophy.



Erickson began his employment with Atomic working in data collection, but as our sampling methods shifted away from traditional dialing to experiential sampling, his insight was instrumental in redesigning our sampling methods to align with the modern consumer. Erickson's many talents allow him to easily step in to multiple roles and learn new concepts. He is skilled at survey programming, field service, and is our IT lifesaver. Erickson has three children and enjoys making art and composing original music.